needs more sleep


hi! im opening emergency commissions because my laptop monitor broke (and i need it for uni) and due to some financial issues i can’t get it fixed at the moment ;;;

please email if you are interested and please be specific in what you want!! (if you have questions, just send me an ask!)
prices of extra characters depends on which style you want it in so be sure to mention that too! also, i hate to do this but i will need payment first T_T;;

if you guys could reblog even if you can’t buy, that would be very helpful! thank you!




my job search is falling flat on its face (for the summer at least, fall looks a little more hopeful)

so… i need money….

4$$ for bw sketchy thing….


7$ for coloured sketchy…thing


9 doon for busty bust


13 dollar for thing


ggggggggggg r these prices even legal r they too much…

messg me here or dm me on twittser (@PETERBANANA) i guess GOD I:;l

go commission peterbanana she’s gr8!!!


Okay hello every people, I am back again with wonderful commissions except this time it’s for real because my family is kind of in a financial crisis and even though I’ll probably only make like $10 this way I figure it’s better than nothing right!?

So here’s the dealio pals:

  • Prices are kinda…